Jenifa's Diary - Season 10

Life they say is turn by turn; Adaku steps into her new life in AMEN ESTATE, claiming to be her boss daughter by exploiting his mental illness to her

Jenifa's diary S10 E24 - THE NEW LIFE

Drama Queen Pelumi laments when Otunba insists she stays with his three wives.Ese\'s obsession lands her in the hospital.Find out in this interesting

Jenifa's diary S10 E23 - FAKE SMILE

Jenifa is given a surprise birthday party planned by her love Marcus and all the staff of Jenifa hair place. Adaku is offered a new job with better sa

Jenifa's diary S10 E22 - THE BIRTHDAY

In this hilarious episode of Jenifa\'s diary, wedding crasher, Josiah\'s wife crashes her husband\'s secret wedding !While one wedding crashes, anothe

Jenifa's diary S10 E21 - JUBILATION

Find out what happens to Nicholas and Laide in  this episode of Jenifa’s diary. Will Nicholas take responsibility?Wedding bells in the atmo

Jenifa's diary S10 E 20 - THE PREGNANCY 2

With a big suprise guess who\'s back in this episode of Jenifa\'s diary ?Jenifa gets her own place in AMEN ESTATE.Kiki and Kelvin\'s love turns sour !

Jenifa's diary S10 E 19 - THE PREGNANCY

In anonter hilarious episode of jenifa\'s diary;Adaku resumes to begging even in her current job. Cordelia scolds Adaku concerning her unruly behavior

Jenifa's diary S 10 E 18 - THE GOOD NEWS

In this episode of Jenifa’s Diary. Jenifa froze in shock as Ibinabo shuffles the university bullies with her fighting skills. Jenifa lends Corde

Jenifa's diary S10 E17 - PAYBACK 2

Jenifa's diary S10 E16 - PAYBACK

Ibinabo(IB) is displeased as she finds out a screet about her friend during an outing with Jenifa.

Jenifa's diary S10 E15 - BAD LUCK

Jenifa saves Kelvin’s life despite their differences and Timini finds himself in a dilemma.  

Jenifa's diary S10 E14 - THE MONEY

Jenifa's diary S10 E13 - MR RIGHT

Jenifa's diary S10 E12 - THE TUTOR

Jenifa's diary S10 E11- ENCOUNTER

Jenifa's diary S10 E10 - REVELATION

Jenifa's diary S10 E09 - SCAR