Jenifa's Diary - Season 2

SHADOW: Jenifa decides to tell her manager that Pelumi was the one who called her boyfriend to come to the salon the day she was caught and also confr

Jenifa's diary season 2 episode 13 - SHADOW

FISHER OF MEN: Jenifa is finding her way in the salon and Segun is still bent on a relationship with Jenifa, Manager also gets caught out by her numer

Jenifa's diary S02 E12 – FISHER OF MEN

NEW BEGINNING: Jenifa finally gets a job in Lekki in Kiki’s friends shop as a hair stylist, but is already finding that not everybody there want

Jenifa's diary S02 E11 – NEW BEGINNING

JENIFA TRAVELS 3: Jenifa finally realises that her visa was denied, and tries to now cover this secret up with more lies and deceit.

Jenifa's diary S02 E10 – JENIFA TRAVELS 3

JENIFA TRAVELS 2: Jenifa visits her village one last time before her departure to America, and her parents arrange a special leaving party for her.

Jenifa' s diary S2 E9 – JENIFA TRAVELS 2

JENIFA TRAVELS: Jenifa decides that she wants to visit America, and with the assistance of John arrangements are on the way.

Jenifa's diary S2 E8 – JENIFA TRAVELS

CHECKMATE: Jenifa and Toyosi finally move out of the campus halls, and Mercy finds love in a young rich and handsome guy.

Jenifa's diary S2 E7 – CHECKMATE 2

Jenifa's diary S2 E6 – CHECKMATE

APPEARANCE: Toyosi decides to change up her swag a little to keep her boyfriend Chima, whilst Jenifa enrolls in adult classes.

Jenifa's diary S2 EP5 - APPEARANCE

TIT FOR TAT: Mercy’s lies and deceit finally catches up with her when her pretentious ways are exposed.

Jenifa's Diary S02 E0 4 – TIT FOR TAT

JOB HUNTING: Jenifa is on the hunt for a job for some extra cash, but her lack of literacy skills stands in the way.

Jenifa's Diary S02 E03 – JOB HUNTING

LOVE TRIANGLE: Jenifa, Toyosi and Femi come up with a plan to get Annie to change her arrogant ways.

Jenifa's Diary S2 E2 – LOVE TRIANGLE

THE WEDDING ANNIVERSARY: It’s Toyosi’s parent’s anniversary and Jenifa attends to help ensure that the preparations run smoothly. Fe





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