Jenifa's Diary - Season 10

Kiki finally reveals to Jenifa who got her pregnant.Is she ready to get married and nurse a baby ?Let\'s see how Adaku manages her sudden upgrade.

Jenifa's diary S10 EP26 - CODED 2

Jenifa and Marcus discover the unexpected from little Rachael. Kiki finally expresses the reasons behind her silence, while James eventually takes the

Jenifa's diary S10 EP25 - CODED

Life they say is turn by turn; Adaku steps into her new life in AMEN ESTATE, claiming to be her boss daughter by exploiting his mental illness to her

Jenifa's diary S10 EP24 - THE NEW LIFE

Drama Queen Pelumi laments when Otunba insists she stays with his three wives.Ese\'s obsession lands her in the hospital.Find out in this interesting

Jenifa's diary S10 EP23 - FAKE SMILE

Jenifa is given a surprise birthday party planned by her love Marcus and all the staff of Jenifa hair place. Adaku is offered a new job with better sa

Jenifa's diary S10 EP22 - THE BIRTHDAY

In this hilarious episode of Jenifa\'s diary, wedding crasher, Josiah\'s wife crashes her husband\'s secret wedding !While one wedding crashes, anothe

Jenifa's diary S10 EP21 - JUBILATION

Find out what happens to Nicholas and Laide in  this episode of Jenifa’s diary. Will Nicholas take responsibility?Wedding bells in the atmo

Jenifa's diary S10 EP20 - THE PREGNANCY 2

With a big suprise guess who\'s back in this episode of Jenifa\'s diary ?Jenifa gets her own place in AMEN ESTATE.Kiki and Kelvin\'s love turns sour !

Jenifa's diary S10 EP19 - THE PREGNANCY

In anonter hilarious episode of jenifa\'s diary;Adaku resumes to begging even in her current job. Cordelia scolds Adaku concerning her unruly behavior

Jenifa's diary S10 EP18 - THE GOOD NEWS

In this episode of Jenifa’s Diary, Jenifa froze in shock as Ibinabo shuffles the university bullies with her fighting skills. Jenifa lends Corde

Jenifa's diary S10 EP17 - PAYBACK 2

who could this August visitor to the newly wedded Cordelia and the husband be? Mrs Henshaw finds love, but this seems unbefitting as everyone around f

Jenifa's diary S10 EP16 - PAYBACK

Ibinabo(IB) is displeased as she finds out a screet about her friend during an outing with Jenifa. For online support click : Online SupportYou c

Jenifa's diary S10 EP15 - BAD LUCK

Jenifa saves Kelvin’s life despite their differences and Timini finds himself in a dilemma.  For online support click : Online SupportYou

Jenifa's diary S10 EP14 - THE MONEY

Jenifa is confused about who to love between Marcus and Femi. Who do you think is best for her?  For online support click : Online SupportYou can

Jenifa's diary S10 EP13 - MR RIGHT

Jenifa is not showing any improvement in her English lessons. Her tutor quits with the mindset that she is not ready to learn. For online support

Jenifa's diary S10 EP12 - THE TUTOR

Femi is concerned about Jenifa\'s spoken English as he gets her an English tutor. How will she cope with her tutor? For online support click : On

Jenifa's diary S10 EP11- ENCOUNTER




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