Jenifa's diary – Season 11

Pelumi and Otunba\'s children on a serious clap back at each other.Who among them will win the battle ?Find out on this episode of Jenifa\'s diary.For

Jenifa's diary S11 EP9 - COMMOTION

Chief\'s condition becomes worse since Adaku was arrested.Find out James reaction to Paupau\'s confessionFor online support click : Online SupportYou

Jenifa's diary S11 Ep8 - UNWELCOME

Adaku finally gets punished for her wrong deeds.Kiki\'s wedding plans kicks off but how does her mother feels about this ?Watch to find out.For online

Jenifa's diary S11 Ep7 - IDENTITY THEFT

Jenifa elaborates on the importance of training and educating girl child.Adaku meets her waterloo. For online support click : Online SupportYou can a

Jenifa's diary S11 Ep6 - BACKFIRE

Pelumi\'s marriage is not a bed of roses as she envisaged....she results to portraying all is well via social media. Find out what is Timini\'s HIV st

Jenifa's Diary S11 Ep5 - CAUGHT IN THE ACT

Jenifa takes all her staff to the clinic for HIV test. Who amongst them will test positive. Find out on this episode of Jenifas Diary.For online suppo

Jenifa's Diary S11 Ep4 - HIV STATUS

John the Genius is at it again, what could it be this time? Jenifa engages in Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) find out more in this episode of J

Jenifa's Diary S11 EP3 - MR LECTURER

Adaku\'s current status makes her feel like a Queen. Kiki\'s parents ask to meet the man responsible for her pregnancy. What would be their decision?&

Jenifa's diary - S11 EP2 - MIND YOUR BUSINESS 2

Kiki\'s parents demand to meet with the father of her unborn child. Will Kiki forgive Jenifa for betraying her trust?Cordelia\'s mother visits with dr

Jenifa's diary - S11 EP1 - MIND YOUR BUSINESS




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