Jenifa's Diary - Season 3

THE ERRAND GIRL: Pelumi is secretly dating Genevieve’s boyfriend, but is spotted by Sam who decides to use this opportunity to his advantage. Je

Jenifa's diary S3 EP13 - THE ERRAND GIRL

EXPOSED: Jenifa is still overwhelmed by the slap she received in the salon, little did she know that the lady was not an ordinary customer rather a wo

Jenifa's diary S3 EP12 - EXPOSED

MIND YOUR BUSINESS: Segun and Jenifa derive a plan to skip work to attend to a private client for some extra cash, whilst there Jenifa spots Mercy&rsq

Jenifa's diary S3 EP11 - MIND YOUR BUSINESS

FOOD POISONING: New rules and regulations have been implemented in the salon with fines put in place. Genevieve also contracts food poisoning from pic

Jenifa's diary S3 EP10 - FOOD POISONING

FAKE LIFESTYLE: Zainab’s true identity is exposed to the surprise of Adaku and James. Jenifa finally comes out to her mother about her America t

Jenifa's diary S3 EP9 - FAKE LIFESTYLE

A FRIEND INDEED 2: Kiki’s mother has now decided to appoint somebody to monitor Kiki on all of her journeys, Jenifa is starting to struggle fina

Jenifa's diary S3 EP8 - A FRIEND INDEED 2

A FRIEND INDEED: Kiki survived the pool party incident, and her parents decide to extra measures. John also decides to confront Toyosi and Jenifa abou

Jenifa's diary S3 EP7 – A FRIEND INDEED

LOST: Toyosi finally ends her relationship with Chima, which gladdens Jenifa’s heart and Kiki’s drug and alcohol abuse is getting out of h

Jenifa's diary S3 EP6 – LOST

THE NEW FRIEND 2: Chima is having secret relationships behind Toyosi’s back, but Toyosi is starting to spend a lot of her time with her new foun

Jenifa's diary S3 EP5 – THE NEW FRIEND 2

THE NEW FRIEND: Kiki’s failure in her course has started to take a toll on her, especially because her parents aren’t around. But she&rsqu

Jenifa's Diary S3 EP4 – THE NEW FRIEND

LIES ON LIES: Jenifa has become apprehensive due to Amope exposing her whereabouts to her family in the village. Her brother Waheed and Adigun decide

Jenifa's Diary S3 EP3 – LIES ON LIES

LOVE IN THE AIR: Jenifa has decided to move in with Segun, because of the easier commute to work, however Segun is not making life easy for Jenifa wit

Jenifa's diary S3 EP2 – LOVE IN THE AIR

ABANDONED: Jenifa has been released from police custody with the help of Toyosi, but Toyosi has now decided to keep a close eye on Jenifa, leaving her

Jenifa's diary S3 EP1 – ABANDONED




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