Jenifa's Diary - Season 4

EYE WITNESS: Jenifa uses the incident that took place between Pelumi and Randy to her advantage. Tonia’s mother decides to give Jenifa some mone

Jenifa's Diary S04 E13 - EYE WITNESS

UNCOVERED: Jenifa starts to realise just how much she loves Segun, and also finds out that Tonia was behind her car ordeal and demands compensation.

Jenifa's Diary S04 E12 - UNCOVERED

LOST OPPORTUNITY: John and Jenifa are both in police custody, john for his involvement with the fraternity and Jenifa for the stolen vehicle, which th

Jenifa's Diary S04 E11 - LOST OPPORTUNITY

THE \"BIG GIRL\" CAR: Jenifa arrives at the salon with her new Jeep that Samson finally delivered. John also tries to seek protection for the threats

Jenifa's Diary S04 E10 - THE BIG GIRL CAR

THE OPPORTUNITY: Jenifa is in search of a loan to add to her ₦400,000 to purchase the car that Samson promised her.

Jenifa Diary S04 E09 - THE OPPORTUNITY

THE ADVISOR: Adaku informs Jenifa of Chichi’s attempted abortion, after her speculations. Jenifa receives the sum of ₦400,000 from chaperoning

Jenifa's Diary S04 E08 - THE ADVISOR

SERVE YOU RIGHT: Toyosi is on the hunt for her makeup client, who has refused to pay for her services. Esther also uses the sack of the cleaner to her

Jenifa's Diary S04 E07 - SERVE YOU RIGHT

PAYBACK: Segun plans with Adaku to present Jenifa with a cake, to say thank you for his last encounter with the ladies. Toyosi has a very unpleasant e

Jenifa's Dairy S04 E06 - PAYBACK

ANOTHER CHANCE: Randy has asked for Jenifa’s return, but upon her arrival she hears of Pelumi’s new car and lavish lifestyle. Whilst John


SQUARE ONE: After being rejected as Pepe’s chaperone from the pageant committee, Jenifa is on the hunt for another job to keep her occupied whil

Jenifa's Diary S04 E04 - SQUARE ONE

THE CHAPERONE: Segun is back to the salon, and Jenifa’s Chaperone skills is fast becoming the talk of the pageant, after saving Pepe from an env

Jenifa's Diary S04 E03 - THE CHAPERONE

OPTION B: Jenifa now has to look for an option B, after her fight with Pelumi. She results in sponsoring Pepe into a beauty pageant that she thinks sh

Jenifa's Diary S04 E02 - OPTION B

BLACKMAIL: The blackmail begins as Jenifa has Pelumi right where she wants her, and Pelumi has no choice but to oblige her orders, to prevent Jenifa f

Jenifa's Diary S04 E01 - BLACKMAIL




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