Jenifa's Diary - Season 5

Match Maker 2 - Tomi puts a commission payment scheme in place for the staff at Nikki O, Jenifa meets Dayo for the first time and there’s a clea

jenifa's Diary S5 EP13 - MATCH MAKER 2

Match Making - Adaku’s investment worked and she’s eager to do another transaction. Tomi has been promoted as the manager in place of Rand

Jenifa's Diary S5 EP12 - Match Makers

New Path - Jenifa is really starting to struggle with her self-employment, so shadows Toyosi. Adaku is also struggling working from a kiosk. The CEO o

Jenifa's diary S5 EP11 - NEW PATH

Grace To Grass - Scooby decides on approaching Jenifa for her assistance in his music career, like she did for his sister Pepe. Jenifa meets Adaku&rsq

Jenifa's Diary S5 EP10 - Grace To Grass

Back To Basics - Jenifa gives Toyosi a treat for the increment letter instead of the discussed letter of resignation. Tiannah’s is showing signs

Jenifa's Diary S5 EP9 - Back To Basics

Revenge - The hairstylist team up in Tiannah’s to put Jenifa in her place. Jenifa and Chichi start their plans to get back at Ebere using Marcus

Jenifa's diary S5 EP8 - Revenge

Repercussions - Jenifa can’t get over Marcus’s deceit and his wife Ebere wants Jenifa gone. Esther results in blackmailing Randy in order

Jenifa's diary S5 EP7 - Repercussions

Owner - Jenifa and Toyosi catch Rebecca again this time in Soji’s house. Another fight breaks out in Nikki O, with Esther and Pelumi and this fo

Jenifa's diary S5 EP6 - OWNER

Man Snatcher - Jenifa throws Chichi out of the Salon due to her flirtatious antics towards Marcus. Toyosi and Jenifa help Kiki to prepare for her relo

Jenifa's diary S5 EP5 - MAN SNATCHER

Wires Crossed - Jenifa now feels like the madam of Tiannah’s hair Salon, giving all her recruited staff rules and regulations to follow, but this is

Jenifa's diary S5EP4- Wires Crossed

Boss Lady - Marcus gets Jenifa what she thinks is her own Salon, but really all he wants is for her to take charge of it, forcing her to quit from Nik

Jenifa's Diary S5 EP3 - BOSSLADY

Upgrade - Jenifa finds A pregnancy test in Toyosi’s bag and it leaves her perplexed. Esther gives Randy a stern warning on his lustfulness towar

Jenifa's diary S5 EP2 - UPGRADE

A Good Catch - The new guy in town Marcus decides to pay Nikki O a visit for a pedicure, in true Jenifa spirit she automatically takes a liking to him

Jenifa's Diary S5 EP1 - A GOOD CATCH




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