The final battle line is drawn when T-girl finds out the person she trusted with everything she had (T-boy) was lying to her all along. She vows to re

TAIWO TAIWO Part 2 (2) - Flashback Friday

Barely one year later, T-boy remarries and T-girl resurfaces.How would T-boy handle the situation ?Find out in the part 2 of \"Taiwo Taiwo\"

TAIWO TAIWO Part 2 (1) - Flashback Friday

Nemesis begins to catch up with the notorious duo (Taiwo and Taiwo), when their son becomes a Kleptomaniac.They decide to stop stealing after their la

TAIWO TAIWO - Flashback Friday Part 1 - Contd.

The reign of twin couple with the name \"Taiwo Taiwo\" aka Tboy (Femi Adebayo) and T-girl (Funke Akindele Bello) who rob for a living. They own an org

TAIWO TAIWO Part 1 - Flashback Friday

APAADI - Flashback Friday Part 2

Apaadi narates the story of a notorious King son named ADEREMI widely known as Aremu.His act caused him the right to the throne and his untimely death

APAADI - Flashback Friday Part 1

CORNERSTONES tells the story of an unrepentant alcoholic man blessed with 6 daughters, who doesn\'t appreciate them because of his beliefs that only m


This is a story of a benevolent couple, Lakunle (Odunlade Adekola) and Dewunmi (Funke Akindele Bello) who does not hesitate to render their help when

AJALOLERU Part 2 - Flashback Friday

AJALOLERU Part 1 - Flashback Friday

Kujenra is a story about a deadly spirit (Funke Akindele) whose mission is to wipe out all the men in the community, she will stop at nothing until he

KUJENRA Part 2 - Flashback Friday

KUJENRA Part 1 - Flashback Friday

This is my Story

AJENIFUJA Leyi - Flashback Friday

BA SE FẸ KORI - Flashback Friday

Ọlẹ ole - Flashback Friday

Rachael finally meets a man she loves deeply after being a single mother for years. Will this new found love affect the relationship between Rachael a