The YARD Season 1

Mrs Thompson is devastated over her son\'s arrest. Will the state CID grant her audience? Click to find out on this episode.For online support click :

The Yard S1 Ep13

George tries his luck on Bintu again, but Nosy Mama Risi is at it again...Click to watch this episode of \"The Yard\". For online support click : Onl

The Yard S1 Ep12

Bintu rejects George\'s patronizing gifts over again, leaving him frustrated.What would be George\'s next move, give up or fire ahead ?Find out on thi

The Yard S1 Ep11

Desmond\'s sudden use of expensive things baffles his family.Is Mama Risi\'s trying to get revenge on behalf of Bintu ?Find out in this episode of \"

The Yard S1 EP10

Bintu finally speaks up for herself, what will be George\'s reaction? Find out on this episode of The Yard.You can also call or chat us on WhatsApp (+

The Yard S1 EP9

On this episode of \"THE YARD\", Bridget pesters Risi regarding her pregnancy but will she (Risi) be willing to confess? Watch to find out! For onlin

The Yard S1 EP8

Desmond gets reprimanded for his excessive spending will Bridget let Pamela\'s infuriating behaviourslide ? Watch out for more drama in this  epi

The Yard S1 EP7

Confusion in Oga Landlord\'s compound as Risi claims Tunde is responsible for her pregnancy.Find out what mama RIsi has in stock for Tunde.You can als

The Yard S1 EP6

On today\'s episode of \"The Yard\", Risi bows to pressure to reveal the ultimate truth revolving around the shocking occurrence in oga landlord\'s co

The Yard S1 EP5

This week on your favorite TV Series. Oga landlord makes advances to his widowed tenant (Mrs Thompson).Kola leaves his one night stand stranded at Tun

The Yard S1 EP4

Irrespective of the chaos in Oga landlord\'s compound, he still has eyes on the new widowed tenant in his compound. While destiny warns Pa. Andrew to

The Yard S1 EP3

Who could be responsible for the current Pandemonium facing oga landlord\'s compound. Could it be mama risi or george?Enjoy the hilarious comedy Telev

The Yard Season 01 EP2

A TV drama that reflects the plight and struggles of people who live in shared apartment from stealing, Gossip, Fighting, Domestic violence, Sexual ab

The Yard Season 01 EP1




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